Funding Options

Subsidized Childcare

There are currently two avenues available to parents that can help with the cost of early years childcare.

01. Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI)

Parents of children up to Kindergarten age who use licensed childcare providers could see reductions in their fees up to $350 per month per child. Bright Futures Specialized Childcare has qualified and opted in this childcare fee reduction initiative. Childcare providers apply for this initiative on behalf of registered parents – please contact us to discuss options.


The Affordable Child Care Benefit

The Affordable Child Care Benefit is a monthly payment to help eligible families with the cost of childcare. Factors like income, family size, and type of care determine how much support families can get. Families apply for this benefit directly with the provincial government and need to renew their application every year. Click HERE to learn more.